Online and Silent Auction Software: 12 Top Providers Reviewed

Save time by copying pictures and descriptions, then add them to other online auctions. PayBee does the work for you by combining the best elements from both online auctions and in-person auctions to make an auction platform for any occasion. Bid on items from anywhere at any time and receive real time email and SMS notifications about your auction item. Additionally, event volunteers using the PayBee mobile application can accept bids and payments from winning bidders via credit card swipe, cash, check or bank account transfer.
Double the Donation is a leading corporate philanthropy database and software provider for nonprofits. With their tools and wealth of data, your organization can grow your silent auction’s revenue well after the event ends. As your organization prepares for its next silent auction or virtual auction, you’ll have a lot of planning and organizing to do. To save your team’s time and streamline your efforts, you must equip your organization with the right tools for the job. The Booger Bash will take place in the hometown of The Booger Fund, Seattle, WA, September 16th at Seattle’s historic Labour Temple.
The setup process for any auction — whether you host it online or in person — comes with plenty of details to consider. Address these details one at a time, and you’ll set your auction up for success. Auctions can be a fun way to raise money and awareness for a charitable cause, a school-related event, or other purpose.
Selling merchandise is an excellent way to raise more at any type of fundraising event, but it works particularly well with silent auctions. If you’re using mobile bidding, guests can submit their contributions via their mobile devices. If you’re using paper for your auction, you can still accept mobile donations by enlisting the help of a standard text-to-give service. Most of the fundraising from silent auctions is done by collecting the highest bids on each item. Because running a silent auction can be more involved than hosting other fundraising events, many organizations are hesitant to try them out.
When selecting these best auction plugins, we consider their features, credibility, and compatibility with the most recent WordPress and PHP versions. silent auction donation can make appointments for suiting, see upcoming events and connect with us. We’re considering starting a podcast too, which the proceeds will be used for. Find local golf, B&B stays, wine samplings, yacht cruises, luxury vacations, glamping adventures and more for your auction, donated by generous businesses.
Executing the whole process through silent auction software can make your planning and execution efforts much more manageable and can automate tedious tasks. Additionally, silent auction software can make the experience more streamlined for participants, since they can check in, bid, and pay directly from their phones. Auctions can be an excellent way for nonprofit organizations to create a fun special event that raises money with minimal advance investment.
With Auction Gifts, you can receive donations from any and every bidder – not just the winner! When bidding, donors can optionally choose to make a donation in the event they don’t win the item. is a useful online auction software for increasing the demand and creating excitement for your products.
Boardable’s features can empower your board members to take a more active role in planning and supporting your auction efforts without overwhelming them with multiple collaboration tools. Plus, Boardable’s features are all mobile-friendly, ensuring everyone can check-in and get involved from home and on-the-go. Boardable is a virtual board management platform for nonprofits.
Plus, their premium package options save you money and delight your donors. Because of their no-risk policy, WInspire’s pricing varies based on auction items sold. Visit their website to learn more about their auction item resources. OneCause’s guest management tools also help you create an organized environment for auction attendees. Use their ticketing and checkout management tools to keep guests organized. is a service of Northworld LLC, the premier provider of benefit-auction software solutions.
You can make various types of hobby kits or do some research on the attendees. Go a step further and couple it with the fitness basket, including dumbbells, a yoga mat, protein bars, workout videos, and more! Add a gift card to a sporting goods store so they can buy sporting clothes or gym equipment. Many people will pay good money to have their family photos done by a professional, and the photographer will appreciate the exposure with your collaboration. Having a membership to a private club will save the individual money on activities, such as golfing, while enjoying state-of-the-art amenities. In addition, there are fitness amenities, swimming pools, and restaurants that the whole family can appreciate.